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The socket implementation on protocoltool will only allow one connexion at a time. It's assumed that the socket connexion itself is not been tested. It's rather the binary protocol.

Test / demonstration

If there's no telnet server running on the machine, use protocoltool to set up a socket server on port 23 (Telnet). It should be accessible by any telnet client.

You can also run 2 instances of the program and set 1 as the server and 2 as the client. The 2 instances of protocoltool can be located on 2 different machines.

Only the TCP socket is implemented for now. I don't plan to implement other protocols, since there are tools more specialized on ethernet packets themselves,

The URL can be specified either as a name or its IP address, ex.: localhost, remote_computer or Only the client needs to specify the URL.

Other applications

Check this application for more detailed control on the packet format:

PackEth (

Several similar applications:

hping (

Nemesis (

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