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For Windows: I added some code to use the National Intruments libraries. It's not tested yet, but it should work since the api is standard. You may need to make some tweaks to make it compile.

For versions of linux-gpib older than 3.2.14:

When compiling under newer linux kernels, it may complains about kill_proc being implicitly defined. It has been renamed to kill_pid. In the source code for gpib, edit the file linux-gpib-3.2.11/drivers/gpib/sys/ibinit.c and replace all instances of kill_proc by kill_pid.

The linux kernel adds /dev/gpib0 - /dev/gpib15 when the module for the specific gpib device is loaded.

GPIB or IEEE488 is an old standard for communicating with instruments. It uses a daisy chain of cables to connect components/instruments together. A DIP switch on each device sets its address.

Before starting protocoltool

  1. Load the gpib module for your controler if it's not done at boot time.
  2. Run gpib_config to load the parameters into the library or put this command in a startup script.


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