You may need to install the following libraries, depending on your platform.


This is a configuration file parser library. Not essential.

ezV24 serial library

This library is still in its beta release but it will do fine for this project. It can't autodetect USB to serial ports yet, but it can use them. Not essential, but the serial port is the most often used interface.

Linux: protocoltool can detect the USB, (Bluetooth and remote not yet) serial ports and add them to the pull down list.

Windows: the USB, Bluetooth and remote serial ports are all detected/probed and given COMxxx names.


Peak CAN drivers


For interfacing with the CAN bus. Not essential. Needs a CAN bus hardware interface.

Linux GPIB

The Linux GPIB Package is a support package for GPIB (IEEE 488.2 Hardware). Not essential. Needs a GPIB interface card / dongle / USB converter.

The following libraries may already be installed by your linux distribution or available as a precompiled package:


For the parallel port. It may be already installed by your linux distribution. New machines may not have parallel port anymore. USB to parallel converters may not work properly with this interface.

Libieee1284 is best supported under linux. Detection of parallel ports may not be available on other platforms (ports are guessed instead).


Simple network library. Starting with GTK 2.22, the GNET library is not needed.

Protocoltool can compile without non-essential libraries. The interfaces depending on these libraries won't be available until protocoltool is recompiled.

Modules/devices drivers needed

Protocoltool doesn't need any driver for the SPI bus. I2C drivers are provided with the linux kernel. For other platforms than Linux, the I2C interface is implemented with a bit banging algorithm on the parallel port.


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